Stella York

#SOSTELLA – Romantic. Fun. Glamorous. All with a wink of sexy…this is the world of Miss Stella York!
Our Stella York collection offers romance and pure class, which brings dramatic elegance and sophistication. Featuring dreamy fabrics accented with distinct embellishments. Queenies are proud to showcase these Award Winning designer wedding dresses in Staffordshire.


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Harmony  Harmony  Zena

Zena  Arabella  Arabella

Lady  Lady  Vivienne

Vivienne  Queenie  Queenie

Ariel  Ariel  Merida

Merida  Goldie  Goldie

Jessica  Jessica  Darcy

Darcy    Fabia    Fabia

Fleur  Fleur  Layla

Layla  Lilliana  Lilliana

Natalia  Natalia  Rose

Rose  Willow  Willow

Anna  Anna  Angelica

Angelica  Bluebell  Bluebell

Loretta  Loretta  Macie

Macie  Melodie  Melodie

Thea  Thea  Verity

Verity  Florence  Florence

Isla  Isla  Mila

Mila  Narla  Narla

Pria  Pria  Rhia

Rhia  Tearose  Tearose