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Stella York Designs

#SOSTELLA – Romantic. Fun. Glamorous. All with a wink of sexy…this is the world of Miss Stella York!
Our Stella York collection offers romance and pure class, which brings dramatic elegance and sophistication. Featuring dreamy fabrics accented with distinct embellishments. Queenies are proud to showcase these Award Winning designer wedding dresses in Staffordshire.

Harmony    Harmony    Zena

Zena    Arabella    Arabella

Lady    Lady    Vivienne

Vivienne    Queenie    Queenie

Ariel    Ariel    Merida

Merida    Goldie    Goldie

Jessica    Jessica    Darcy

Darcy    Fabia    Fabia

Fleur    Fleur    Layla

Layla    Lilliana    Lilliana

Natalia    Natalia    Rose

Rose    Willow    Willow

Anna    Anna    Angelica

Angelica    Bluebell    Bluebell

Loretta    Loretta    Macie

Macie    Melodie    Melodie

Thea    Thea    Verity

Verity    Florence    Florence

Isla    Isla    Mila

Mila    Narla    Narla

Pria    Pria    Rhia

Rhia    Tearose    Tearose

Our Hollywood Chic collection is a new elegant and sophisticated label by Hollywood Dreams. As times have changed and tastes have evolved, the Chic range was introduced for on a particular sort of bride. One who wants sophistication and elegance and is very modern in her lifestyle and attitude. The look is fresh and feminine, red carpet rather than grand ball, with lots of twists and turns.


Arlah    Arlah    Crystal

Crystal    Flora    Flora

Paloma Faye Faye

A stunning range of designer gowns with one of the most distinctive signatures in British bridal design. Hollywood Dreams offer wonderfully romantic dresses, voluminous skirts, perfectly sculptured bodices with nipped-in waists; finished with fabulous beadwork and embellishments. Queenies offer exclusive wedding dresses in Staffordshire and Hollywood Dreams make the perfect dress for a princess bride.

Olivia   Valentina   Claudine

Claudine   Gia   Gia


Our Sincerity collection is defined by graceful romance and beautiful details that combine to create gowns fit for a princess. Each wedding dress is designed to let brides have their own fairytale moment.


Amelia    Amelia    Ella

Ella    Scarlet    Scarlet

Lara    Lara    Lara w/out Jacket

Last Chance To Buy

Our ‘Off the peg’ gowns offer everyone, regardless of budget, an opportunity of purchasing their dream gown. Whether you may be on short time scale or just simply fall in love with one of them.

We pride ourselves in taking great care of our samples. To represent our Designer’s to the fullest, we purchase a large number of samples. Those of you who have already visited our boutique will know it is small, but offers a huge choice, but we are not blessed with acres of rail space so this is why we have to say goodbye to some old friends in order to make way for new ones. Remember ladies there is only one of these gowns available so once they have been chosen they are gone!

Alice    Lottie Kristabelle

Jewel    Angelina    Poppie

Kristabelle    Grace    Grace

Rebecca   Saphire Zenobia

Nadia Juliette